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FDA & WHO Put Kratom In The Legal Crosshairs, Again. Help Save Kratom By Aug 8th!

If you haven’t heard the bad news….

Kratom is in the crosshairs again! But don’t get too worked up yet, as it may just be another false alarm (hopefully!)

The FDA supposedly is trying to bypass the drug scheduling process here in the USA and trying to get Kratom on the books internationally.

It’s said they influenced the World Health Organization to put a hit out on Kratom. And by a hit, I’m talking about recommendations on international policy which could put the legality of Kratom in trouble everywhere!

Even though that’s some bad news, I have some good news regarding this too! And some great news when it comes to Kratom Lounge!

Here is the K-L news.…

We’ve been fvcking up these past few months. Sure, our quality never slipped. But our customer service did! Some orders had a couple day delay on shipments. Some emails were not received, or replied too. 
And that’s just not acceptable!

So if you had any issues with us over these past few months, please reply to this email and let us know. You’ll be rewarded with a sincere apology and a super special discount. 

We got your main man Julian (me! lol) back at the head of the customer service team. And you know what that means… RAPID 🔥RESPONSE & SHIPPING TIME! 

More great news when it comes to K-L….

We’re here to take this Kratom battle head on. Stay tuned for tons of news and updates from us. Not just Kratom deals, but real research and articles that will hopefully help us all keep Kratom around.
Stay tuned!

Now back to the FDA, WHO, and Kratom in the Legal crosshairs…

I’ve seen a lot of talk and speculation that Kratom may very well get banned this time.

Talking about a ban is good for business. BUT honestly, I don’t think a ban is in the near future (and hopefully, it never happens). The WHO is set to make their decision by October. BUT when it comes to Kratom the WHO is only doing a pre-review. 


But a pre-review DOES NOT end in the change of any policy. Here is the words straight from the Federal Register (Warning: this link is to a .gov site)

“A pre-review is a preliminary analysis and findings at this stage should not determine whether the control status of a substance should be changed.”

It’s still a scary time for kratom. But as long as the facts are considered and research is conducted in an ethical manner… then hopefully Kratom wins the battle yet again!

What can you do to help?

Please go here (Warning: This link is to a .gov site) and submit your story about kratom if you are so comfortable. There is an option to submit your information “confidentially” so that at least nothing goes on the public record.

Here is what the AKA is recommending:

“The comments should be focused on the experiences that kratom consumers have had with kratom and how it has benefited them in terms of improving their quality of life, to reduce pain, to reduce anxiety and depression, to wean off of opioids, and how kratom has saved their lives,” 

What are we doing to help?

We just made our first donation to the AKA! And we’re putting out a sale soon where a percent of all proceeds will go to the AKA to support the fight.

If you want to be on our news, deals, and updates list then just shoot me an email at .

Let’s win this battle together,

Julian Carter

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