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FDA & WHO Put Kratom In The Legal Crosshairs, Again. Help Save Kratom By Aug 8th!

If you haven’t heard the bad news…. Kratom is in the crosshairs again! But don’t get too worked up yet, as it may just be another false alarm (hopefully!) The FDA supposedly is trying to bypass the drug scheduling process here in the USA and trying to get Kratom on the books internationally. It’s said […]

Top 10 Most Popular Kratom Strains of 2019

You’ve likely been hearing plenty of buzz about kratom in the past few years. Maybe you’ve been itching to break into the world of kratom yourself, but you’re not sure where to begin. It’s a very common problem. Considering all the different types, colors, and regions of origin that are out there, it’s natural to […]

New Kratom Strains: Kali & Hulu Kapuas In Stock Now

Venture beyond the bustling villages, sacred temples, and colorful marketplaces of Borneo, Indonesia, and you’ll eventually find yourself in the jungles of Kalimantan. It’s within this remote part of the world that the newest additions to our kratom collection are grown and harvested. Kali and Hulu Kapuas are two kratom varieties that are a must […]

Here Is Where Kratom Grows Naturally… 24/7/365!

Kratom is a green plant that grows naturally in some regions throughout the world. It is a tropical tree, that is usually 100 feet tall. The plant is in the coffee family, and has become really popular lately. Kratom usually comes from South East Asia, and that’s where almost all of it is grown. Here […]

NEWS: Kratom Effects Study Being Run By University of Florida

Many people across the United States are familiar with Kratom. According to WUSF press release, a walk around the neighborhood would show signs of how kratom is being used. But this isn’t the first time somebody decided to make some pretty outrageous claims when it comes to kratom. Historically, kratom has been used as an […]

What Is Kratom: 7 Questions You Might Be Thinking + Answers!

Kratom leaf is derived from the evergreen trees of Southeast Asia, this plant is dried and ground to a fine powder and sold locally and around the world. Before you buy it, you should know a thing or two about what kratom actually is. Here are 12 frequently asked questions about Kratom. And 12 answers […]

Grow Your Own Kratom Plants At Home (A Full & Complete Guide)

Why Grow kratom? I think there are good reasons why any proponent of Kratom ought to consider growing the plant. The first being that, when and if their plants ever reach a size, maturity and alkaloid level that is adequate, then they would know for certain its entire plant life history. A second reason is […]

(ANSWERED) Where Can I Buy Kratom | Online Or In Store Find Out Here..

Kratom is one of the latest and hottest trends on the marketplace today. This natural herb is native to South East Asia where it was historically used in tea form. Individuals who are wondering “Where can I buy kratom?” or “Where can I buy kratom extract” will find the answers right here. The biggest issue […]

The Beauty of Bitcoin

Anything that is new is automatically mistrusted until it stands the pressure of time. Bitcoin is no different than any other payment form except for the sender to have a larger degree of freedom from outside entities. You see, Bitcoin users are the force and responsible party that controls the entire system. Bitcoin was released […]

Three Tips To Keep Your Kratom Fresh

Convenience may be important to you, but keeping your Kratom fresh takes a little bit of effort. If the aroma begins to fade, your herbs could be on their way to expiring. Follow these suggestions and keep your investment healthy for up to a year or longer. First of all, ground herbs should always be […]